Sleep Disorder

Al-Bandari Al-Bishi

Sleep is important for our bodies and lack of sleep results in weak concentration and memory and slow reaction. It also affects the decision-making process, increases sleepiness during the day, and spoils our moods. Research shows that staying awake for 24 hours makes one take hasty decisions.

How does lack of sleep affect our bodies?

1 - It makes us stay up late hours, disrupts the secretion of important hormones in the body, and affects the way the body secretes hormones like cortisone, adrenalin, and growth hormone. The latter is essential for child growth and cell repair for old persons. Sleep deprivation has its toll on sex hormones and might increase body resistance to insulin for diabetic patients. In other words, it raises blood sugar.

2 - Immune system’s effect: Recent research has shown that lack of sleep affects the immune system and the ability of immune cells to fight off strange bodies and microbes. Specialists believe that it also increases the chances of getting cold. A study published by an internal medicine journal in 2009 has proven this fact.

3 - Respiratory system: The condition and symptoms of the patients with chronic respiratory conditions might get worse if they decide to stay awake for long hours. Some studies have shown that sleep apnea (cessation of breathing during sleep) exacerbates in patients who have this condition and deprive themselves of sleep. Lack of sleep affects the cardiovascular system and might, according to certain studies, raise blood pressure. Researchers have found that cardiac patients who reduced daily sleep hours from seven to five have had double risks of heart diseases.

4 - Lack of sleep makes teenagers gain weight. It increases the chances of obesity and disrupts metabolism and immunity and cause infections.

Most important recommendations to avoid staying up late in Ramadan:

  • Don’t drink anything that has caffeine such as tea or coffee before going to bed.
  • Avoid eating heavy meals two to three hours before sleep time.
  • Go to bed early and get up an hour before suhoor meal.
  • Keep your mind clear before bedtime and avoid thinking about matters that might worry you. Make sure your room is quiet and your bed is clean and your mattress is comfortable.
  • Avoid smoking one hour before sleep because nicotine will disturb your sleep and perks you up.your sleep and perks you up.


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