You Can Feel It In Your Bones

MANILA, Philippines - Winter is coming. Well, we don’t have winter in the Philippines, but don’t you find it a bit fascinating when people say they can feel the weather shift and that they can feel it in their bones? Even more curious is that it actually does shift, making people’s prediction correct. When you watch movies or TV shows, most of the people who say this particular line or something along that line tend to be elderly, making it sound mystical and somewhat of an old wives’ tale. It all sounds like a load of superstitious nonsense, but there are plausible theories as to why our bodies may be able to predict a change in weather.

One of the theories that explain why people, especially folks more advanced in age, can feel a coming change of weather in their bones or joints is because of the effects of barometric pressure. Barometric pressure is the force exerted by the atmosphere at any given point; it is also known as the “weight of the air.” High barometric pressure exerts force that pushes against our bodies that keeps tissues from expanding. This pressure tends to drop before bad weather arrives, thus exerting less force on our bodies and causing our tissues to expand; this puts more pressure on the joints and may make nerves more sensitive.

While we can’t accurately predict the weather all the time, we can protect our joints from feeling the effects of the cold or the lower barometric pressure.??GNC is thoroughly committed to giving its customers quality, potent health and nutritional supplements to help them improve their quality of life and to help ward off joint pain caused by the cold or a sudden change in air pressure is GNC TriFlex Fast-Acting.??GNC TriFlex Fast-Acting provides a joint cushioning blend that includes hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, which has been formulated for maximum strength to provide fast-acting support within a few days of taking it. TriFlex also includes a blend of glucosamine and chondroitin combined with MSM and a proprietary herbal blend to provide our connective tissues and joint cartilage with their natural building blocks.

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