Does Lavera Anti-Ageing Face Cream is Effective ?

Discover the benefits of organic anti aging products. Reduce fine lines and get younger looking skin with the natural skincare-products specifically designed for mature skin. Lavera offers products that come from Certified Organic Agriculture and which contain Natural Essential Oils. Wherever possible we source our products from farmers under Fair Trade practices.

The Lavera Anti-Aging Face Cream with SPF 15+ contains only natural and organic ingredients such as organic plant oils, pomegranate oil and shea butter, to intensively moisturize and protect the skin.

By applying Anti-Aging Face Cream with SPF15 to your face whilst out in the sun, it will assist in protecting your skin from the harmful sun rays and at the same time naturally moisturize and nourish the skin.

The Good :
    1. All natural and organic ingredients are featured in Lavera products.
    2.Very thorough website that goes into great detail about the history and goals of Lavera.
    3.Many different products available in various categories.
The Bad :
    1. No full ingredient lists are posted for the products.
    2. Some products are quite expensive. The Lifting Serum Hydro-Gel is $89 for less than one ounce.
    3. No money back guarantee on the official website.
    4. No free trial is available on the official website.
The Overview :

The use of all natural ingredients and having products specifically designed for those with allergies and sensitive skin is very nice. The website is very informative and states Lavera’s goals and passions clearly. The ingredients should be prominently listed, but Lavera only seems to hint at what is in each product. We like how specialized Lavera products are and the fact that they use all natural ingredients , but it might be a good idea to find some anti-aging products that utilize some of today’s more potent wrinkle fighters and have cutting edge peptides clearly posted in the product ingredient lists.


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