Effective Prostate supplement: Zyflamend Prostate Reviews

What is zyflamend prostate?
Zyflamend prostate is a dietary supplement that promotes prostate health support. This is described by the New Chapter. This supplement is specially designed for those men who are above 40. It is a fact that as men ages, the prostate tends to increase in size. This condition can cause the urethra to narrow and decrease urine flow. This supplement is responsible to support normal growth and promote healthy prostate function. It aid to get normal urine flow.  

Key ingredients:

Other ingredients are: maltodextrin, silica, yellow beeswax, Extra-virgin olive oil and organic sunflower oil.  

• The manufacturer provides free shipping.
• It is affordable.
• It provides normal urine flow.
• This product is responsible to support prostate function and urine flow.

Customer testimonial:
My husband uses this to manage inflammation with prostate cancer. It was recommended by Dr. Aaron Katz, urologist, and Dr. Oz among others in current literature. He was exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam which bumps up the risk factor for him.

Source: luckyvitamin.com

I have been buying Zyflamend Prostate for some time now but the last 2 orders on Amazon had softgel pills that had an extreme foul odor and disgusting taste. I have used this product for months so I know what they should smell and taste like. I also brought them into a local store that sells them and the manager said, after he smelled them, that there was someting wrong with them. I made a call to New Chapter customer service where the representative and no explanation and expressed no interest in the issue except he said I should return them which I did. You might think that New Chapter would want to investigate to see if there was a manufacturing or storage issue or even a safety issue for its customers--he never even asked my name or area where I lived or where I bought them. I ended up buying a new supply at a local Whole Foods store where the odor issue was no longer present. I was not impressed by New Chapter's lack of customer orientation especially where safety and health are possible issues. My negative rating of this product in this review, however, refers specifically to the last two orders for Zyflamend Prostate I received from Amazon. It should also be pointed out that Amazon did respond in a very professional and timely manner to resolving this issue.

Source: Amazon.com

It contains all natural ingredients to promote normal urine flow. This dietary supplement is designed for those men who are above 40. Its unique herbal formula helps to get healthy prostate health and normal urine flow.


  1. Wow! Is this supplement really contains all these ingredients? Its good but I have pumpkin allergy. Can I use this product? I want some reviews about it. Please Help!

  2. If you have pumpkin allergy then you should avoid this product otherwise you may face several side effects. This blog contain some more product reviews regarding to this category, if you want then you can refer them.

  3. But this product contain very little amount of pumpkin, if you want, you can use it. it also provides money back guarantee if it shows side effects return this.

  4. Amenda,
    My hubby has been using this same suppliment for a year now and has never ever had any specific negative influences and bloating and diarrhea may be resulted just like easy by any specific suppliment, or medications that physicians perscribe us, which in many instances these days are a lot more risky and generate much bad harmful affects, particularly while consuming for joint disease and inflamation.Zyflamend is a natural suppliment, and you could have likely had a side effect to something you were allergic too.Unhappy to notice that this did not work for you.However it does work, and undoubtedly not for everybody!

  5. I have used this product for my prostate health problem and frankly speaking it did not work for me at all. I used this product for almost 4 and half months. In the beginning it showed some good signs but after a month it stopped working on me. For me, it was a waste of money and time!

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