Ole Henriksen Reviews: An Effective Anti-Aging Treatment

What is Ole Henriksen?

Ole Henriksen is an anti-aging treatment that helps to reduce eye puffiness, wrinkles and sagging in the eye area. It is an ultimate eye lift gel that is suitable for all skin type. This eye cream is responsible to provide softer texture. It intensely hydrates, using humectants to plump, firm, and smooth the often-neglected eye zone.

Key Ingredients available in Ole Henriksen:

Here are the key ingredients of Ole Henriksen:
• glyceryl polyacrylate
• glycerin
• phenoxyethanol
• carbomer
• oleth-20
• aloe barbadensis leaf juice
• copper pca
• calendula officinalis flower extract
• euphrasia officinalis extract
• cucumis sativus (cucumber) fruit extract
• potassium hydroxide
• arginine
• palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7
• steareth-20
• n-hydroxysuccinimide
• chrysin
• palmitoyl oligopeptide
• water (aqua)

Advantages of Ole Henriksen:

• It is suitable for all skin types.
• It helps to stimulates collagen production while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles
• It is responsible for hyperpigmentation and helps to provide anti-oxidant protection.
• It is also responsible to calms, purifies and balances the complexion.

Disadvantages of Ole Henriksen:

• It is quite expensive.

Customer reviews:

I first found this with the Three Little Wonders kit for about $30. Well worth it. It's the ONLY thing in the kit that I liked and used. It's very light without clogging pores. Even at 65 I still have oily skin. Only in the past few months have I begun using ANY cream or lotion on my face and then only around the eyes, the mouth and the neck. I'm on my second 1.7 oz jar with three more to spare because I don't want to run out of a good thing and the expiration date is 2013 - if I live that long. I'm sure by then I'll ante up for more. I particularly like this cream because it's non-greasy. The skin feels and looks great but does not feel "greasy". Does not burn eyes. Use with confidence.
Source: amazon.com

One of the best eye gels I have used. This gel is fresh and sheer in its use, however no oil is added. I find this gel useful for the younger customers (less than 30), where, for example, the Fresh eye cream offers better results for wrinkles (30+)
Source: olehenriksen.com

Great product, def take the advice and keep in the fridge so it's nice and cool on your eyes. Got in a Sephora sample pack and am hooked. Makes my eyes brighter and when applied at night, takes care of that "i barely slept" look. I love the jars too because you can clean them out and reuse them all over the house!
Source: olehenriksen.com

My husband and I both use this. I wanted to be able to lift my upper lid. So far all it does is swell, and does not get rid of under eye swelling either. 2 wks now don't know if I will repurchase. It does feel good going on though! I wish I could brag on it but I can't so far.
Source: skinstore.com

Recommended use:

• This gel can be used in the evening.
• This gel should be applied gently under the eyes, extending toward the temples.


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