Availyn Reviews: Does it works?

What is Availyn?

Availyn is designed in the US to make sure that it fulfills the highest-quality specifications probable. Vitamin and mineral Boat simply recognizes supplements that fulfill or exceed these criteria. The natural active ingredients in Availyn have been suitable for usage by women who aspire to continuous and relieve symptoms just like hot flashes, night sweats, and lack of sexual desire. Several nutrition experts along with other healthcare professionals recommend the utilization of pure herbs to naturally offer this relief.

For ages, individuals have made use of the natural ingredients in Availyn to:

  • Make up Hot Flashes Tolerable and Less Frequent
  • Aid The Prevention Of Night time Sweats as well as Ensure that Better Sleep
  • Enhance the Sexual desire
  • Balance Hormones
  • Manage Mood Swings

Supplement facts:

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container: 60
Black Cohosh Root Powder    100 mg   
Red Clover Leaf Extract    60 mg   
Dong Quai Root Powder    50 mg   
Wild Yam Root Powder    50 mg   
Soy Isoflavones    40 mg   
Sage Leaf Powder    40 mg   
Chaste Tree Berry Fruit Powder    25 mg   
Red Raspberry Leaf Powder    20 mg   
False Unicorn Root Powder    20 mg   
Damiana Leaf Powder    10 mg   
Other Ingredients: Vegetable Capsule, Rice Flour,       
Magnesium Stearate. Contains: Soy       

Customer testimonials:

I WAS using Black Cohash (Remifemin) successfully, but it stopped working after 5-6 months. After trying Vitamin B-complex, then 2 T flax seed daily, I came upon Mendapause. The hot flashes stopped after 4-5 days on the product, and the staying awake for hours in the middle of the night stopped too. I imagine it will build up in my system like the Black Cohash, but when it does, I'll just stop taking it for a week or so. I'm trying to avoid HRT as long as possible. And my DO liked the fact that its based on soy, among other things. So yes, give it a try.

Source: amazon

All of the above sounds good, but can you tell me if this product contains MSG? I recently tried Amberen (for approx 7 days) and had terrible heart palpitations, which I can safely assume was due to the msg in the Amberen. I have been off of the Amberen for 3 days now and the heart palpitations, while still there, are not nearly as bad. Did not have this issue before starting Amberen? Now, needless to say, I am leary of anything on the market.

Source: womanrelated

The result:

It's not clear at this time exactly what results - if any - the average woman will certainly experience while making use of Availyn to boost female libido. This system carries only been around just a few short months and there are been not able to acquire any beneficial purchaser feedback on it. Actually Menopause Lowers Sexual Desire and the components in Availyn are typically used to enhance woman sexual desire , although lots of essential ingredients are lacking. Our examination of the ingredients signifies that Availyn is not likely to be basically as effective as leading competitors such as Provestra and Vigorelle - as well as in many cases Availyn will most likely not supply observable enhancement in sexual experience or arousal.


  1. Such an effective supplement Availyn is! I have used this supplement for my menopausal issues. It helped me to solve all my issues. Thank you Availyn!

  2. You are right Ellisa; really it is effective and safe supplement for menopause. I am using it from last year and it is helping to me overcome all my issues. I am very happy with this supplement.

  3. Availyn saved my marriage! Thank you Availyn! Before a year ago I was suffering from incredible hot flashes and night sweats issues. Now I have a more normal life with much fewer and less intense hot flashes. Today I’m very happy with my family.

  4. I agree, Availyn is a great product. I think the quality is better than a similar product I tried.


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