ProVanax: Erase Your Anxiety And Depression Naturally

What is ProVanax?
ProVanax is a natural dietary supplement made in purpose to deal with anxiety disorders. It is available in a small capsule form. This dietary supplement consists of safe ingredients like organic herbs, amino-acids, and vitamins. Thus generally this supplement is designed to promote the mood and mental to lessen the emotions which causes panic attack as well as anxiety disorders. By consuming ProVanax you may also be free from insomnia and irritability.

Key Ingredients:
  • Phenibut: This complex mixture is the key ingredient in ProVanax, and it’s been recently clinically verified for about fifty years – which means you know it’s risk-free. Actually this formula is a naturally extracted mood enhancer that could help improve dopamine levels in the brain. Dopamine is an organic feel good hormone that assists level out your moods, specifically when you age.
  • 5-HTTP: This component is manufactured from natural plant sources, and it supports the body system deliver tryptophan, a precursor for several types of hormones, specifically those that manage mood and sleep patterns.
  • St. John’s Wort: This natural herb has long been used for so many years to deal with mild to moderate depression, and latest scientific studies indicate that it truly does work. The most impressive parts about St. John’s Wort is that it really works without the negative effects you’ll obtain with many prescription depression drugs.
  • Kava Kava: This natural herb has been utilized in Europe for tranquilization, insomnia treatment, and anxiety treatment. It contributes greatly to calm the mind and body, and it’s totally non-addictive, unlike some other anxiety and calming treatment options.
  • Passion Flower: This sedative assist calm nervous issue, including gastrointestinal problems and sleep problems.
  • Valerian: This is a natural extract which has long been used in tea blends to help calm and also induce sleep. It’s as effective plenty of prescription anxiety and sleep treatment drugs; however it doesn’t include their harmful side effects.
  • Inosotol: This vitamin is like many B vitamins. Even though it isn’t crucial to a human dietary regime, it is really helpful, especially for dealing with panic and anxiety attacks including depression.

Does ProVanax really Work?
Obviously, the important thing you really want to know from a ProVanax review is whether or not it really works. ProVanax works for those suffering from stress and anxiety, sleep problems, depression, and similar concerns.

ProVanax Side Effects
There are simply no negative effects of this system, but obviously it is wise to consult with a physician before consuming any type of dietary supplement, even a natural one like ProVanax. It is not addictive, so that you can feel assured of using it over short or long periods.

What people say about ProVanax?

I actually feel very good most of the time and I'm not down or anything. But I always felt really nervous before my speech class at school. Everyone said it would be a fun class... But I don't see anything fun about it. I basically take 6-8 capsules before a class... Maybe an hour before so it has time to kick in and it makes the class much better all around. I actually notice becoming much more talkative and social. Cool stuff.

I started your product and instantly felt better and the best part, I was much more focused. I don’t feel groggy or mentally foggy at all.


  1. I am using this antidepressant from last 4 months and noticed some positive results.

  2. You article is fantastic... I was not familiar with a well-known fact that the easy lavender may resolve the issue. I'd like to include a few extra treatments that can be advantageous as well. For example Yoga and meditation. This stuff are pretty good to deal with anxiety disorders. Thanks for your post and detail solutions!!!

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