Avoid Harmone Therapy

Nearly a decade ago, evidence emerged that clearly showed that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) drugs-containing oestrogen, with or without progestin, designed to replace women's declining levels of hormones following menopause-cause breast cancer and stroke. Other significant risks
include dementia, blood clots, gall bladder conditions and urinary incontinence.

Symptoms of menopause usually include hot flushes and changes around the vagina (dryness or pain). Lifestyle modification such as keeping the body temperature cool and exercising regularly can help deal with mild hot flushes. A lubricant cream without hormones can help tackle vaginal dryness and pain during intercourse.

If these approaches fail, and you are still experiencing debilitating symptoms, you may need hormone replacement therapy. But make sure that your doctor prescribes the lowest possible dose. To control hot flushes or night sweats, take a pill or a patch. An oestrogen-only drug is prescribed if you've undergone hysterectomy; otherwise, a combination oestrogen-progestin drug is given.
Use HRT for the shortest duration possible. Take it for 3 months and then ask your doctor to help you slowly taper off the drug and watch for returning symptoms.

Take HRT again only if the symptoms return, and are severe enough to warrant medication. It is important to stop treatment as soon as possible, because the cardiovascular and cancer risks may increase the longer you stay on the drug. For vaginal discomfort, use a topical low-dose vaginal oestrogen product (estradiol vaginal inserts and vaginal tablets).

This will help limit your body's overall exposure to the hormone. Don't use HRT for prevention of chronic conditions, including osteoporosis and heart disease because its side effects far outweigh the benefits. To prevent osteoporosis, consider calcium and Vit D supplements. Also, keep moving-regular exercise is excellent for your overall health.

 Source: http://wonderwoman.intoday.in/story/avoid-harmone-therapy/1/106615.html
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