Lux Intensive

Lux Intensive is a fast, long-term skin lightening serum that is specially designed to deal with discolorations, such as age or liver spots. Lux Intensive is really a pooling of extra melanin – the chemical that gives skin its color. This effective serum consists of several natural ingredients that promotes healthy and smooth skin.

Key ingredients
  • Lux Intensive was specifically made the most effective, natural active ingredients along with vitamins C, E, and CoQ10. They’re all anti-oxidants which help to neutralize free radical harm to the skin. Included are proven components like Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice which offers healing and soothing comfort for the skin; Green Tea extract which has proven anti-oxidant effects; Gotu Kola, that helps enhance flow of blood to the skin; Hyaluronic Acid, which increases moisture to the skin and boosts elasticity; as well as Gluconolactone, which decreases hyperpigmentation. There are simply no hazardous components, but you don’t need to have a prescription to get Lux Intensive!
  • Skin lighteners all have an active component or a blend of active components that actually work to decrease the amount of melanin in the skin region where it is put on. Melanin is the pigment in skin that offers it its color, and the more melanin, the darker the skin.
  • Lux Intensive works out to rejuvenate the skin, repairing the damage as a result of environmental antagonists that give rise to a loss of firmness, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation – those dark pigment clusters also known as age or liver spots. Lux Intensive also moisturizes the skin, generating you look more youthful and more radiant while assisting to h the skin and reduce the appearance of age spots.
  • Most skin lighteners use like steroids and retinoic acid. Lux Intensive is totally natural and risk-free! Lux Intensive consists of no mercury, steroids or hydroquinone – the ingredient you’ll find in many non-prescription solutions.

Product Features
  • It provides 90 day money back guarantee
  • It may show noticeable results within 7 days
  • It offers radiant skin
  • It helps to eliminate age pigmentation
  • It is made in USA

Warning signs
However the ingredients found in Lux Intensive are safe, it is better to consult physician before using Lux intensive.

Lux intensive is really an effective and safe skin lightening serum. This serum helps to boost moisture to the skin and improves elasticity. It also aids to reduce hyperpigmentation. However it is safe, it is essential to consult with a physician if you are pregnant or breast feeding women. Also there are lots of creams and serums available in the market that provides desired results without any known side effects.

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