Do lip plumping products work for Teenagers?

As a teenager, the physical aspect is very important for you, especially when it comes to the social interaction. Given the importance of the physical appearance, it is only normal that you are interested in products that will help you look better. The lip plumping products definitely fall into that category but do they work? Let us find together.

If you were to read the label of a lip plumping product, you would see that you are promised fuller lips. However, it is important to understand that the lip plumping effect is only temporary. Many makeup artists have offered their opinion in regard to the subject, highlighting this temporary effect of the majority of the lip plumping products.

In case you are wondering how to plump up your lips, continue to read and discover how these products work. First and foremost, the category of lip plumping products includes a wide range of choices, including glosses, balms and gels. Each of them have a brief plumping effect but, be careful, if they are used excessively, they can actually irritate the lips.

What are the active ingredients of the lip plumping products? Well, many of the substances that are added to these products are natural, such as cinnamon, mint or wintergreen. Sometimes, capsicum, a substance that is commonly found in the hot peppers is used for an added effect. These natural substances work by boosting the circulation of the blood to the lip tissue, leading to a fuller aspect and to an intense red color.

Regardless of the lip plumping products that you use, the enhancement effect does not last more than a couple of hours. It is also possible to experience a number of side-effects, such as a slight stinging or burning sensation. Some people are not bothered by such sensations, while for others the discomfort might be more acute. However, you should not be worried, as this is a sign that the lip plumping product is actually working.

The intensity of the lip plumping effect cannot be measured with certainty but you will certainly notice it upon looking in the mirror. The lips are fuller and they shine more intensely, leading to the illusion of enhanced lips. However, dermatologists draw attention to the overuse of the lip plumping products. In the situation that these products are used too frequently or in excessive quantities, they can cause a number of problems, such as lip dryness or scaling.

Even if you are a teenager and you feel the pressure to look great all that time, this does not mean you should overuse these lip plumping products. On the contrary, it is recommended that you stick to using them for special events, such as school dances or proms. For the best lip plumping effect, it is indicated that you apply the product first, the lipstick or gloss following after that.

If you are still not satisfied with how your lips look after applying such products, you can try a small trick. In order to obtain a full lips appearance, it is recommended that you apply eye shadow/highlighter to the central area of the lips.

While many of the existent lip plumping products guarantee a temporary effect, the new generation of such products can guarantee results that are more lasting. This time, the ingredients have changed, including a wide range of peptides and even human growth factor. Some products have marine collagen as an active ingredient, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin at the level of the lips.

Apart from the above-mentioned beneficial effect, these products are recommended for teenagers, due to the fact that they keep the lips hydrated. When the lip tissue suffers from dehydration, the whole appearance of the lips is affected. Many of the new lip plumpers also have hyaluronic acid in their content, which can contribute to keeping the lips moisturized.

Even if you are young, this does not mean you should not protect your lips against sun damage. When it comes to purchasing a certain lip plumping product, make sure that you choose one that has a high SPF. The sooner you begin protecting yourself against sun damage, the more beautiful your lips are going to look with the passing of time.


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