Does Your Diet Breaks Out Your Acne?

Our health and well-being are diet driven, more than on any other factor, on the food that we take every day. Whereas some food can be the origin of diseases, others are capable of preventing, alleviating or even curing our ailments. Acne is the infection of the skin's sebaceous gland. The glands produce sebum, an oil that responsible for skin protection. Obstructing the follicles of these glands may result in sebum accumulating within, and the glands may swell because the sebum fails to flow properly, the glands become infected and inflamed, producing pustular eruptions.

This disease usually manifests most frequently during adolescence and early adulthood. Factors that cause acne include genetics, androgen hormone levels, emotional stress and the diet that promotes it. Consumption of these foods triggers acne:

1. Food additives

Some artificial coloring such as tartrazine can unleash hyperactive reaction and increased the formation of fatty acids which block the sebaceous gland. These chemicals are cheap and inevitably have unknown side effects. It increases craving for junk food hence also form part of food addiction and reduced healthy eating. Lack of exercise accelerates cholesterol to increase and slow elimination of toxic chemicals which blocks the sebaceous glands leading to acne.

2. Refined oils

Unconstrained intake of processed oils is dangerous and leads to increase in the number of obesity cases. Moreover, when fatty acids and insoluble fats accumulate in the body, it blocks the sebaceous gland leading to the formation of acne and blemishes. Adult acne treatment therefore also proves to be challenging.

3. Chocolate

A chocolate bar after processing contains high amounts of refined fats and sugars. Lack of physical activity and laziness contributes to less burning down of calories and fats which then contribute to deposition of fat molecules on the sebaceous glands. Acne and blemishes begin to grow exponentially from there. Whether chocolate is the source of acne is debatable, but it is clear that the cocoa in it has no problem only the sugar content.

4. Processed foods.

Many of the processed foods in the market have enormous amounts of synthetic sugars; they include fruit juices, baby food, and canned food. Recent years have brought profound changes in the lifestyle of the industrialized world whereas dietary habits, uses and preferences are concerned. Many follow a diet of junk food such as crisps and pizzas characterized by excessive caloric intake and frequent nutritional imbalances. The tendency to eat highly refined or processed products reduces intake of vitamins and certain mineral salts increasing risks of acne and blemishes for both children and adults alike.

5. Dairy products

Cow’s milk and cured cheese are one of the most frequent causes of acne in adolescents and adults. Milk contains fats. Lack of exercise leads to less burning down of fats in the body which cause an increase in obesity in people. When these excess fat molecules exist in the body, it blocks the sebaceous gland. Acne and blemishes also pose a high risk of developing.

6. Sugars

The pancreas produces insulin hormone is responsible for regulating the blood sugar levels. In the blood sugar exists in the form of glucose. Due to the intake of junk food and enormous amounts of excess sugar glucose is then converted into fats for storage under the skin. The excess fats also accumulate around the sebaceous gland forming swelling. Increased fat storage contributes ultimately to full blown acne and blemishes.


A Healthful diet does more to the health and beauty of the skin than any external applications or cosmetic treatments. It also acts from within and tends to provide better results than external cosmetic skin treatment. Adult acne treatment centers can be very helpful. Just keep a healthy diet in check and you will save your money on bills next time you visit the dermatologist.

Poor nutrition makes acne-prone people susceptible to acne breakouts. Diet high in sugar makes acne flare-up. Make nutrition a top priority. If diet cures are not working, consult your doctor. Be your skin detective by paying attention to any weird changes to curb any acne flare-ups. Incorporate healthy diet and monitor closely so that when the skin condition improves you continue with the diet otherwise discontinue.

Apart from diet, oily particles from the air also cause clogging of follicles and coating of the skin pores. You don't have to quit your job or schooling but gently wash your face with alcohol-free cleansers. Acne and blemishes lead to the formation of bumps on the skin of varying sizes as well as scaring. Acne and blemishes may result in loss of self-confidence. Change your lifestyle since a healthy body heals faster. Picking or popping the pimples could worsen blemishes and aggravate acne, instead consult a dermatologist for professional treatment. Acne scar solutions are available so don’t seek medical help.



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