What Secret Damage Are You Doing To Your Eyelashes?

A good part of our beauty routine is dedicated to our eyelashes. Whenever we notice our eyelashes falling, it is only normal that we ask ourselves: I am doing something wrong? Well, ladies, you might be doing more than just one thing not that right. A wise person once said that healthy eyelashes are present in those who have healthy habits. So, let’s keep on reading and discover the things we do that damage our eyelashes. Once you know the things that you are doing wrong, you can take action and remedy them.

#1 False eyelashes

No one says that you cannot wear false eyelashes. However, false eyelashes can represent one of the major causes of eyelash loss, especially when you use poor-quality glue to keep them on. It is recommended that you always purchase products of top-quality, so that you don’t have any problems when it comes to such matters. When it is time to remove them, do not pull them off aggressively, as you might pluck your own eyelashes at the same time. It is for the best to leave the removal, as well as the application, in the hands of experts.

#2 Mascara

While it is true that you cannot hope to have beautiful eyelashes without applying mascara, it is just as true that no mascara product is meant to last forever. The longer you use a particular mascara, the higher the risk of bacterial overgrowth. It is recommended to replace your mascara between every three and six months, to avoid the damage of bacterial contamination. Keep in mind that if you develop a bacterial infection, you will not only lose your eyelashes but you might experience vision problems at the same time.

#3 Eyelash growth products

Nowadays, the market is practically flooded with an incredible number of eyelash growth products. While you might be tempted to choose any eyelash growth product, try to refrain from spontaneous purchases. Research the market first and make sure that you choose a product that is efficient and safe to use at the same time. Read the reviews made for the product in question, talk to your friends who might have used the same eyelash growth serum and make sure that you choose only products that belong to high-quality brands. After all, you want this product to cause your eyelashes to grow not fall off.

#4 Makeup removal

No matter how tired or bored you are, always take your time to remove your makeup. The brusque and aggressive removal of the makeup might cause more damage than you believe, especially when it comes to your sensitive eyelashes. When it comes to the removal of your makeup, the technique does count and you do not want to be aggressive. Instead, you need to perform it as a gentle massage, using a quality cleanser and lukewarm water. Cleansing wipes are just as recommended but you need to make sure you are not scrubbing too forcefully. Also, make sure that you do not wash your eyes excessively, as this might also cause the eyelashes to fall off.

#5 Curler

We all love how our eyelashes look curled. But, if you have decided to use such products, you need to pay close attention to the correct technique. You should avoid curling your eyelashes right at their roots, as you will only increase the risk of them falling off. It is also recommended that you curl your eyelashes before the actual application of the mascara, to avoid the mascara sticking to the curler (this increases the risk of eyelash damage as well). Replacing the cushioned pads on a regular basis is a must, as you do not want to end up cutting your eyelashes because of the dents that have appeared in the respective cushion.

#6 Dirty hands

When you were a little kid, your mum probably always asked you to wash your dirty hands. As an adult, it kind of makes sense that you can take care of such matters on your own. Dirty hands, especially when used to rub your eyes, can expose the entire area to all sort of contaminants. And it’s not just the eye or the eyelid. A bacterial infection can affect the eyelashes as well, causing them to become thinner and eventually fall off. So, be sure to wash your hands using antibacterial soap and refrain from rubbing your eyes, as much as it is possible.
These are the things you are probably doing that are harmful for the eyelashes.

As you have seen for yourself, many of these things are related to your beauty routine and they can be easily changed. As for the personal hygiene, this is highly important, as dealing with bacterial infections in the ocular area can be really unpleasant.





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