Olive oil And It's Benefits

Beyond its well-known nutritional properties, the olive oil wins more and more followers for its contributions for the health and the beauty.

1. – It strengthens the epidermis. It has nourishing, regenerating and conditioning properties of the skin. This is due to the fact that it is rich in vitamin E.
2. – It delays the aging of the skin for the antitrust action of the same vitamin.
3. – It restores the natural levels of moisture of the skin, thanks to its important content of essential greasy acids.
4. – It provides elasticity. The main component of this oil, the acid oleic, it constitutes and provides elasticity to the cellular membranes and, therefore, to the whole skin.
5. – It is an emollient corporal, excellent one to realize therapeutic massages.
6. – It protects the skin opposite to the external agents like the cold, the contamination and the dryness of the ambiance.
7. – It reinforces the hair and the fingernails.

The cosmetic uses

Its content in vitamins, especially the E, and antirust others, they do of the olive oil an ingredient much valued for the making of cosmetics. Some examples: Gels cleaners: they drag the impurities and makeup remains. You cremate for rostro: borran the marks of the weariness and they help to attenuate the wrinkles.
Capillary products: with protective and regenerating properties of the hair. You cremate for hands: they protect and nourish the dry hands. Especially indicated for cold climates.

What the best is

1. Extra virgin as the most expensive type of oil, that of better quality and the one that one usually recommends for its concentration of antitrust substances.
2. Virgin
3. Cigar
4. I die
5. Common
6. Refined
7. Residue of Olive

How and all that to consume

The recommended quantity, in persons with excess weight, is of not more than 2 spoonful’s’ a size weakens daily. In case of having normal weight, consuming up to 2 soup spoonful’s per day. It is preferable it to consume crude oil.


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