Which Care of Your Skin Need to Take in Winter

Whether it’s the cold chilly winds outside out warm heat systems inside, both the extremes of temperature leave your skin dull, ashen, parched and cracked. Winter season is pretty harsh for your skin and then hanging on to the summer skin care regimen won’t work. It becomes necessary to use products containing humectants to make sure that your skin is equipped to encounter the unfriendly climate. 

1. Keep the skin moisturized (always)

Always moisturize twice a day to keep your skin cells hydrated. In the morning moisturize after two to three minutes of bath and moisturize before you go to sleep. Avoid using water based moisturized even if you have oily skin type and for dry skin type use moisturizers that contains urea or lactic acid. Even glycerin helps to draw water to skin from the atmosphere. You can also use petroleum jelly to nourish hands and feet at night. For people whose skin quickly absorbs the moisture they should use moisturizer containing petroleum, mineral oil and lanolin.

2. Avoid prolonged hot water showers

Hot water showers deplete moisture from the lipid layer of your skin. It depletes natural oils from your skin and leaves it dry and itchy. No matter how tempting those long hot water show-ers may be but they remove the natural oils from your skin.

3. Use sunscreen

Don’t think that it’s a cold winter’s sun and will not tan your skin. It will, for sure if you’ll not protect yourself with a SPF 15 sunscreen. If you feel a little irritated then use sunscreen based moisturizers. If you are out in sun for more than thirty minutes then apply it again.

4. Exfoliate right

Your skin requires exfoliation especially in winters because it removes dead cells and allows skin to absorb moisture properly. And remember to not to over exfoliate skin because it will over dry the skin leaving it parched and cracked.

5. Don’t overlook feet and hands

Feet, hands and elbow are often overlooked during winters and then it become very difficult for you to revive their actual appearance. Use thick creams, petroleum jellies, Shea butter and min-eral oils to nourish these parts.

 6. Use winter products

Avoid using products you use during summers because most of them have high alcoholic con-tent (harmful for skin in winters). This is because alcohol evaporates quickly and the skin’s moisture also evaporates with it. So use thick creams and oils. Using fairness creams or bright-eners is not a bad idea during winters but they should contain moisturizers. Lumnaskin skin brightener is a good skin lightening product that contains moisturizer fighting toxins and irritants. There are many skin lightening creams that do not leaves the skin dry.

7. Use lip friendly lip balms

Avoid using lip balms containing wax because it makes the lips dry after some time and irritates the nearby skin. Use vicious lip balms with some SPF factor so that they protect your lips from getting tanned. Also avoid sucking your lips.


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