Which Are The Top 6 Tips for Radiant Skin

The beauty is not found in the color of your hair or the number of lines in your skin, but rather it radiates from inner joy; care for your skin from the inside out. Six common sense strategies for Radiant Skin:

• Don’t smoke: Smoking will prematurely age the skin. As we age, skin’s elasticity is reduced and skin cells aren’t rejuvenating at the rate they once were. Protect not just your skin but also your whole body from the damaging effects of smoke.

• Check for skin abnormalities: Fair skinned people are at higher risk for skin cancer and if you notice worrisome changes in your skin consult with your doctor as soon as possible.

• Sunblock and no more tanning beds: Try to avoid the sun between 10am and 4pm when the rays are the strongest. Freckles, age spots and blotchiness can be the result of too much sun exposure. If you love a bronze summery glow, invest in a good quality bronzing lotion applying the thinnest layer after a shower and exfoliating treatment, allowing color to appear gradually.

• Hydrate your skin regularly: Drink lots of water to rehydrate and repair the damage that our skin suffers daily. Water is essential to good health and the best place to start is with what we take in.

• Good nutrition will show: On the topic of health from the inside out, our nutritional choices are critical to the health of our skin. Eat foods as close to their natural unprocessed state as possible for example; include fruit, vegetables, grains and follow the recommendations on the food pyramid. Your skin will reflect the way you feel.

• Anti-aging products: Investigate anti-aging products with your doctor or skin care specialist, there are many products both prescription and non-prescription that will help you protect your skin and maintain the best possible skin health.


  1. Glowing skin doesn't mean shiny skin. The best way to minimize oil on the skin is to use cleansers with olive oil, which cut grease and soften the skin. And all these above mentioned skin tips help me bring me closer to the goal of a beautiful complexion.

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