Auravie Reviews: Is Auravie A Good Product?

What is Auravie?

Auravie Skincare is a product which is specially designed to diminish and prevent wrinkles as well as allow you to look ten years younger. Each and every item in the system is prepared from natural ingredients which enable it to be used on all types of skin. The three part system is made up of a purifying cleansing toner gel, an age defying serum, and a day/night moisturizer. The initial part of the system, is the Toner, its actual purpose is to renew the skin by generating new skin-cells. The second step is applying a serum which is the essential component to this system. The serum is going to be used to clear off dark eye circles and diminish fine lines. The last item is a moisturizer used to renew skin and hold moisture in.

Advantages of Auravie:

  • It contains convenient hands-free technology which is responsible for lets customer tone Mimetic Muscles while they do other things.
  • It offers 60 day satisfaction guarantee.
  • It contains tested technology which is available in US only.
  • Its website provides the user testimonials.

Disadvantages of Auravie:
  • Suppliers are limited.


I've been using this product for a little over two months, and I am astonished by the results. I've tried so many different products, and this is has been such a pleasant experience so far :) It's a little pricy, but a wise investment.. I have browsed through many different sites for reviews on Auravie, and there's one thing I've noticed to be a pattern; most people are only wanting to discuss the problem with the 10 day risk free trial cost. There is no real discussion on the product line, no real review on how people's skin took to the product, no real response on how it did or didn't work for them (aside from the few reviews on the problem with the peel not washing off easily).. All this anger about the unexpected charge of $99 isn't the company's fault. IT IS YOUR OWN FAULT! You didn't read their terms and conditions and agreement. Because if you did, AS I DID, you would see that it CLEARLY states their "risk free trial" terms, and the reoccurring charges that ensue. I think most of the problem is not the product, but the people buying it. What happened to learning as much as you can about a company before you invest your own hard working money into it. And I don't mean educating yourself by going to GOOGLE and reading people's written reviews such as these ones. We must take initiative to educate ourselves. If a company has terms and conditions, you better read it and understand what you are reading. If you do not understand everything, you should call a representative and ask for clarification...BEFORE TRYING THE PRODUCT.
Source: emilyreid.

They thought they had me to .. After being charged .. I called my bank and they put a claim on my account ..And they will resolve this issue for me ... I informed them that the company was a scam .. And they were more then willing to assist me ..... Aura vie is a rip off.. Stay away ...These companies should be checked by the people allowing them to post these ads ..Call your bank or credit card company & stop payment by reporting that they scammed you ... Hope this helped .. Ty

Source: reviewopedia.

I cancelled my order shortly after receiving it when I learned they would be sending another order and charging me 97.00 approx. This meant nothing. A charge came on my credit card. Credit card company called me about some questionable charges. They took it off and advised me to deal with the company should there be any additional charges. My credit card number was changed and another issued to keep this from charging again. Then, I called Auravie and they issued me a Return number. They sent the package with the 97 charge which prompted me to check on this. Hopefully they will honor the Return number and keep the package. This is not something I need to spend my entire day on. Very risky doing business with Auravie.

Source: reviewopedia.

The result:

Using this system is what Auravie believes to be an alternate choice for Botox. For the amount of money you spend on this product, you could possibly afford to pay for real Botox treatments. Auravie provides the same results as all of the other products available in the market promising to diminish and reduce wrinkles. It seems that this product is pretty expensive; perhaps it might be wise to check out some other alternatives. You can also try one of the best anti-wrinkle creams to fully get rid of wrinkles issues.


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