Lumatone Review: Does Lumatone works?

Lumatone overview:

Lumatone intends to help in reducing the presence of dark circles under eyes, fine lines and under eye wrinkles under the eyes, but it may only be useful as an eye brightener. Lumatone consists of Mica, that is certainly proven to help brighten skin tones. Unluckily there are no indications that Lumatone can assist with bags, fine lines or wrinkles. Their site simply offers 4 testimonials, and specifics regarding the results of their scientific studies are missing. We also found that Lumatone does not list most of the ingredients. Providers merely share the active ingredients, which make it challenging to determine whether or not Lumatone is developed for all skin types and tones. On a brighter note, Lumatone provides a FREE spot remover with every purchase.

Lumatone ingredients:

Active ingredients include: Mica, Titanium Oxide, Polysilicone, Coconut Alkones, Camellia Sinesis and Honey Extract.

Lumatone merits:
  • Manufacturer provides a free trial offer.
  • It is less pricy.
  • Company offers 30 day satisfaction guarantee.
  • The effective product helps to get youthful looking glowing skin.
  • Cream is responsible to abolish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Lumatone demerits:
  • Complete list of ingredients are not given.

Lumatone recommendation:
  • A thin layer is applied under the eyes daily.

Lumatone testimonials:

I am always looking for products that will live up to their hype. I had heard about Lumatone and I wanted to try this "miracle" product to reduce dark circles and bags under my eyes. I used it faithfully and really saw no improvement. I wasn't expecting a result that was akin to plastic surgery, but a little improvement. Alas, not really any. On top of that what appeared to be a weird phenomenon occurred . I always closed the cap tightly yet the product seemed to evaporate. Very bizarre. In any case it was a disappointment to me.

Source: amazon

Lumatone is a great product! It helped the dark circles around my eyes look lighter, and it also helped reduce the bags under my eyes. Thank you, Lumatone.

Source: lumatone

Lumatone conclusion: 

The research staff discovered that Lumatone might be beneficial as an eye brightening product, however there isn’t surety of possessing the capability to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and eye bags under eyes. Lumatone promises to produce a 90% improvement in the appearance of dark under eye circles and even claims that a scientific test was done. We were not able to obtain any specifics regarding a clinical test or its results. There will probably be other products designed to consider that are clinically proven to reduce the appearance of dark circles, fine lines , wrinkles and eye bags.


  1. Gracy,
    Lumatone is really an effective eye cream? I appreciate that you have posted very informative article but I don’t like this cream. Sorry!

  2. I can't say whether it is effective or not since it works very well on my best friend and do not work on me. I am very disappointed by this cream because I ordered two bottles of it and now I am not going to use it anymore.

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