Chili Burn Review: How Does Chili Burn Work?

About Chili Burn Pills:

Chili Burn is the natural way to burn fat and increase the metabolic function. Chili Burn can help to effectively improve the calorie expenditure. As the body burns more calories, consumer gradually, but surely, drops some weight by burning stored fat. Chili Burn burns fat without ill effects. This is the natural approach to improve metabolic function. In a recent research in the health care journal Obesity, the ingredients in Chili Burn were clinically proven to lose weight over an eight week period.

Chili Burn Pills includes:

  • Green tea leaves extract: according to clinical studies Green Tea Extract increases calorie expenditure and fat burning. 
  • Chili-Capsicum fruit extract: Capsicum is considered a traditional herbal medicinal product, depending on the levels of Capsicum. 
  • Dill seed extract: it helps to reduce Cellulite and calms the digestion. 
  • Ginger Root extract: it is responsible to increases bile flow, necessary to eliminate cholesterol and toxins and also aids metabolism. 
  • Peppermint oil: Reduces painful colon spasms (human trials) and stimulates choleric activity (bile).  

Ingredients Per tablet:
Ingredients Exact Amount
Green tea leaves 486 mg
Dill 150 mg
Ginger root 50 mg
Chili pepper 12 mg
Peppermint 4.50 mg

 One package of Chili Burn™ contains 60 tablets, equal to 20-30 days of supply.  

Doses for the sufferer:

User has to take 2 tablets twice daily, preferably with meals, for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks consumer should take 1 tablet twice daily.  

Is it really safe?

It’s be familiar with the proper amount of chili extract will effectively increase the metabolism that should burn calories throughout the day. A recent scientific research has shown that Chili is able to lose stored fat.  


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User’s opinion:

I first bought this product at Holland and Barrett. When I starting using this product I found that it worked really really well.
Source: dietpillswatchdog

My weight loss plan also included calorie restriction (less than 1500 calories a day on average, I use calorie cycling and find it really helpful and some light exercise.
Source: dietpillswatchdog.


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