Nanoblur: Does Nanoblur work?

Overview on Nanoblur:

Nanoblur is manufactured by a Canadian company, Indeed Laboratories. Their tagline for the system is 'look 10 years younger in 40 seconds' and they may be pleased to guarantee this claim. Nanoblur is referred to as an optical skin cream, which has been compared to exclusive anti-aging serums, which may take up to two months to clearly show an impact. Nanoblur promises to noticeably improve the presence of facial lines and skin imperfections instantly, for a small fraction of the price. It consists of the most advanced form of optical prism technology which "blurs" any lines or flaws on the skin, producing the appearance of pore less skin, although getting rid of wrinkles and textural damage. The water-based formulation can simply include with any skincare routine which is well suited for all skin types.

Does Nanoblur work?

Yes it works; without a shadow of a doubt and it does such a fab job my wrinkles without any side effects! But the product comes with its limitations and user must be ready for Nanoblur 2.0 or second generation.

Periodicals of users:

I like beauty products that do what they say they are going to do. I read rave press reviews including one from the notoriously picky lady who does Beauty Confidential in the Daily Mail. I felt £19.99 was good value and I bought it, tried and and reckon it's taken 8+ yrs off my face. Don't go overboard when applying it, a fine sheen layer is all that's needed. Let it dry for 5 mins before applying any make up. My skin feels like it's got a 'silk layer' over it when I touch it, and after a day in a hot kitchen baking, it still on and doing its job. I would recommend this to a friend!


Bella, ive tried Nanoblur and didn't really go for it for the anti-aging thing. Rather, i wanted to see what it could do for my pores. It covered them quire well and definitely reduced them, but in terms of its pore-hiding abilities, id definitely say that Clinique's pore balm and the Porefessional are more apt at doing that. Definitely makes my skin matte and gives the airbrushed look. Glad i tried it :)


I don't really see any major changes when using Nanoblur, except that it does minimize my pores and that's about it! Most of the time it just smudges my makeup, especially under my eyes when I try to use it to ease wrinkle appearance. In my experience, it works horribly with cream foundation and powder foundations, but is ok with liquid foundations. I also tried using it as a primer, and it was ok though I've used better. Definately a huge exaggeration for the product to claim to make you look 10 years younger! I wanted to try Indeed Labs other product, Snoxin, but after this dud I won't bother. Won't be repurchasing, that's for sure!


Recommended use:

  • You can use it without makeup - just use Nanoblur as the last step in your skincare routine.
  • If you're going to use it with liquid foundation – you have to apply Nanoblur after your foundation.
  • If you're going to use it with powder – you have to apply Nanoblur before applying the powder.
  • If your skin is very dry, you can mix Nanoblur with your moisturizer.


It is better to refer all the wrinkle cream reviews before purchasing any wrinkle cream.


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  2. I like you blog article but I don’t like this product since it didn’t work on me. I used this product for wrinkles but….. Well, nowadays I’m looking for another wrinkle cream that really works on me.

  3. I have used this cream for 3 months to solve my wrinkle issues but unfortunately it didn’t work on me and I got redness on my face. It was really bad! I am not going to suggest this serum to anyone.

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